1. Please provide the name of the School confirming its attendance:

2. Please indicate the number of each students in which grade(s) will be participating:

Use '0' if no students from that grade will be participating

3. How many teachers/parents will be accompany the students?

4. Please provide your school day times

Please note if you have early dismissal

5. Please state your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice from the following run times:

6. How long will it take your students to travel to the PNE and how will they travel?

7. Please provide the following contact information for your designated liaison with the PNE:

Please provide a cell number if possible, to allow for contact on the day of the run

8. Do you have any questions or feedback for the Terry Fox Run hosted by the PNE?


Please read and tick below to confirm
a. This is a partnership event between the PNE and local schools. The PNE's role is to provide secured routes for students to use; refreshments; and first-aid staff.
b. Schools are responsible for transporting students to and from the event, including working out the best way to transport students (i.e. best walking route/gate to enter); getting waivers filled out for each students; and providing event information to students, staff & parents before the event.
c. The PNE will confirm the time that the school will be invited on-site for the event and event details in the first week of September 2023.
d. The liaison for the school is required to review the event details and email comments/concerns to the PNE.